Constitution of the Internationaler Verband für Deutsche Jagdterrier (IV-DJT)

Here you can download the Consititution of the IV-DJT, valid from August 17th, 2018, as a english-language PDF file:


§ 1 Name, offices and business year

  1. The Association is named the “Internationaler Verband für Deutsche Jagdterrier, gegründet 1993” (International Association for German Hunting Terriers, founded 1993)“, abbreviated to: “IV-DJT”.
  2. The offices of the Association are the offices of the President of the Association.
  3. The business year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose of the Association

  1. The IV-DJT is the association of the various clubs for German Hunting Terriers. Its purpose is the promotion and further development of the breed, especially for show and breeding purposes.
  2. The member clubs undertake to maintain and further develop the versatility and performance of the breed for hunting performance by a process of careful selection.
    (Preamble to the agreement on the foundation of the IV-DJT in Rust/Neusiedlersee 1993)
  3. The principal tasks and objectives of the Association further include:
    1. the safeguarding and optimisation of breeding, training, handling and showing, in accordance with use in practical hunting
    2. the development of the most consistent possible principles
    3. support of the development of transfer of:
      • data prepared for EDP,
      • specialist knowledge and experience,
      • judges for events,
      • information regarding organisational matters,
      • information regarding the co-operation of the member clubs in their national cynological associations;
    4. the organisation and management of international advertised events
    5. the organisation of problem-orientated working conferences, in combination with a results comparison on the efforts of the member clubs in the breeding, training and showing of German Hunting Terriers
    6. the safeguarding of the standards of the breed in accordance with the breed standards defined by the home country with the FCI
    7. the promotion of international co-operation and further development of the breed.

§ 3 Membership

  1. Membership of the IV-DJT is open to all German Hunting Terrier clubs responsible for the relevant country, who fulfil the following requirements:
    1. Entry in the national club register or other credible confirmation of independence and objective autonomy
    2. Membership of the FCI
    3. The definition of regulations for hunting performance tests
    4. The definition of breeding regulations on the basis of the FCI breed standard
    5. The maintenance of statistical information on the main data of the club.
    6. Exceptions to a. and b. are possible in justified cases.
  2. The above documentation must be submitted to the President of the International Association for German Hunting Terriers together with the application for membership.
  3. The Executive Committee of the IV-DJT will rule on the acceptance of applications.
  4. Clubs which do not yet fulfil the above conditions may, during a transitional period, which as a rule will be a maximum of five (5) years, participate in the work of the IV-DJT with guest status, i.e. without tenure and voting rights.
  5. Membership may be cancelled by:
    1. written declaration of resignation sent by registered letter, with a period of notice of six months up to the end of a year
    2. withdrawal of membership by decision of the Executive Committee in the event of repeated infringement of the Constitution, or if membership fees are not paid, despite the relevant reminder/earning.

§ 4 Honours

The International Association for German Hunting Terriers may, at the instigation of the Executive Committee of the IV-DJT or a member club, award honours to persons who have rendered special services for the benefit of the breed or the Association.

§ 5 Membership fee

  1. No initial joining fee will be charged.
  2. An annual membership fee will be charged.
  3. The amount of the membership fee will be determined by the number of members of each member club as at 31 st December of the preceding year, and the membership fee per member, which will be decided by the Members’ Meeting at the suggestion of the Executive Committee.
  4. The membership fee must be remitted annually to the account of the IV-DJT by the end of February at the latest.
  5. The number of members as at 31 st December of the preceding year must be reported by member clubs to the Secretary of the IV-DJT by the 31 st January of the calendar year.
  6. By substantiated request, and subject to agreement of the Executive Committee, individual member clubs may be granted a temporary reduction in the membership fee.

§ 6 Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice-President, the appointed show and breeding specialists, the Secretary General and the chairmen of the member clubs or their deputies. The Executive Committee is authorised by the Members’ Meeting to conduct the ongoing business of the Association, accept, review and decide on applications for membership, and to make other decisions, unless these are expressly the purview of the Members’ Meeting. Decisions may also be passed in the form of a written procedure.
  2. The chairmen of the member clubs are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee. The President, the Vice-President, the appointed show and breeding specialists and their deputies, together with 2 treasurers and their deputies, will be elected by a simple majority of the Members’ Meeting for a term of (3) years.
  3. Clubs for German Hunting Terriers as specified in § 3 (4) with guest status may participate in the Executive Committee meetings in the person of their chairman in an advisory capacity. They have the right to put forward suggestions or proposals on all specialist questions, although the Executive Committee must not feel itself bound by these proposals.
  4. The Executive Committee will appoint a Secretary General, who will be responsible among other things for the administration of membership fees, minutes of meetings, and a record of all decisions or resolutions passed.
  5. In urgent cases, the Executive Committee is empowered to make decisions, which are reserved to the Members' Meeting. In these cases the Executive Committee has to request the approval of the next Members' Meeting.

§ 7 Members’ Meeting

  1. Members’ meetings must be held at least every three (3) years as ordinary delegates’ meetings, and at the invitation of the President. The invitation must be sent out at least eight (8) weeks in advance, stating the agenda.
  2. The Members’ Meeting is composed of elected or appointed delegates of the member clubs. Each member club will appoint two (2) delegates for every 600 members of the club, or part thereof. The basis for the number of delegates is the actual number of members established in accordance with § 5 (3) and reported in accordance with § 5 (5) as at 31 st December of the preceding year.
  3. The members of the Executive Committee are ex-officio delegates of their member clubs.
  4. Clubs for German Hunting Terriers as specified in § 3 (4) with guest status may participate in the Members’ Meetings in the person of their chairman in an advisory capacity. They have the right to put forward suggestions or proposals on all specialist questions.
  5. The Members’ Meeting will be directed by the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President.
  6. The Members’ Meeting will pass decisions or resolutions by a simple majority of the valid votes cast, disregarding abstentions. In the event of a tie, the President has the casting vote.
  7. The Members’ Meeting alone is responsible for deciding on:
    1. the Constitution of the Association, its amendment or extension
    2. the Regulations for Scent Trials, its amendment or extension
    3. the election:
      • of the President
      • of the Vice-President
      • of the show specialist
      • of the breeding specialist
      • of the deputy show and breeding specialists
      • of the 2 treasurers and their deputies
    4. the setting of the annual membership fee
    5. the dissolution of the Association.
  8. Decisions/resolutions on a.) and d.) require a 2/3 majority of the valid votes of the delegates present. All other decisions/resolutions require a simple majority. Elections will be carried out by secret ballot, unless decided otherwise by the Members’ Meeting.

§ 8 Concluding stipulations

In the event of dissolution of the IV-DJT, any assets in its possession at such time will be disbursed amongst the member clubs proportionally in accordance with the number of members.

Passed on 01.03.1997 in Munich Germany
Amended on 05.04.2003 in Munich Germany
Amended on 21.08.2009 in Liebnitz Austria
Amended on 24.08.2012 in Skara Sweden
Amended on 17.08.2018 in Ebersberg Germany




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